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About me

What’s up!

My name is Aedan Petty and I was born and raised in Texas. My professional photography journey began in 2018 during my junior year of high school. I started with a Canon T7i and a kit lens gifted to me by my grandma. Prior to this, I had a little Canon Powershot that I took on trips. However, that junior year I was headed on a trip to Europe, so I was told to get some great pictures while I was there. I began learning how to use the camera to do just that.

I watched tons of YouTube videos on how to use a DSLR, and practiced shooting in manual before leaving for the trip. I forced myself to learn as much as I could about the camera before heading out. I had no desire to fly all the way over to Italy in Greece just to end up with some blurry pictures of buildings, temples, and scenery. This is how I learned to use the camera, and from there I have continued to learn as I go.

How I got started in automotive photography

Senior year is when I got my Genesis Coupe, and I began to use the camera to take pictures of it. I also started frequenting Cars and Coffee a lot more. I took pictures of cars there to practice. I loved taking pictures of the cool cars that I saw at meets and shows.

One day at Cars and Coffee San Antonio, I started talking with a gentleman who had brought out his Shelby Widebody Super Snake 50th Anniversary. Funny enough, I had seen the new Shelby Widebody Super Snake in articles online as well as on Instagram. I recognized what kind of mustang it was and wanted to ask him about it. At that point, I had actually left my camera in my car. We talked about the Shelby and he mentioned the other cars in his collection. Among which was a 1967 Restomod Mustang, and also a Shelby F-150, each in the color blue.

We kept up on Instagram and at Cars and Coffee Austin, I met up with him again. This time he had the 67 restomod out, and this time I had my camera in hand. I took some pictures of it and sent them over to him. He loved them, and told me he wanted me to shoot his three blue cars together. This was my first paid photoshoot.

I still look back proudly at those photos I took. For using a kit lens and a cheap polarizer filter that did more harm than good to the color in the images, they still stand up today. These photos actually ended up going viral all over social media, which is how I garnered a small following.

My main goal is to continue using my passion for taking pictures of vehicles to supplement my business aspirations. I own a marketing company that specializes in working with automotive businesses, and the photos are a great addition to my marketing skills arsenal.


Automotive Points of Interest

Check out my tips for automotive photography and stories from some of the photoshoots I’ve done!

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