BMW M4 Competition

Power equals work over time. Can you take a guess what kind of job the owner of this insanely cool BMW M4 Competition has? The first sentence that is also on the license plate is your hint.

This was a fun shoot. We started at the Witte Museum and ended up out in the hill country to really capture the color of the paint. It’s a BMW individual color, dubbed blurple. I’m sure that’s not the actual technical name of the paint, but that’s what we will call it here. Blurple over orange interior. Such a great color combo.

BMW really nailed the details on this car. Tons of carbon fiber bits, tons of interior detail in the stitching and design. The car performs amazingly too. BMW had some guts and tenacity to maintain its course when the design of this car first came to public eye. They received so much hate and criticism. But they stuck to it, and it worked. It worked out very well.

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