Super Lap Battle 2022

This was my my fourth year going to Super Lap Battle, but my first being official media there. Back in 2019, I had gone to Cars and Coffee Austin at COTA and Super Lap Battle happened to be going on while I was there. I ended up staying and watching some of the cars go around. Then I continued to spectate for the next events. For this one though, my good friend Christina was racing in her BMW M4. Since this was the case, I applied for media, rented a telephoto lens, and showed up to take some cool shots.

We ended up putting a group of drivers together to do some on track rollers after the racing concluded on the second day. This was an absolute dream to do. It always takes a while for the realization to hit. That realization that you are able to take photos on an F1 track with some super rad modified racecars. Super Lap Battle is one of my favorite automotive events that comes to Texas each year, and I always love getting out there to support the event, drivers, and the fun.

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